Elliott Smith tribute show

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Either/Or, I will be performing at the Elliott Smith Tribute show at The Brightside in Brisbane on March 3rd.
Click here for the Facebook event page and here for tickets click here.

I’m really excited about playing this show. I’ll be playing 3 Songs. One from Either/Or, one from XO and one was a Cat Stevens cover he played that sounds like it was just made for him.

I fell in love with Elliott Smith’s songs whilst I was at Art School in 2004. A friend Sara was trying to play Elliott Smith songs on guitar and it started from there.
She was also helping out organising “From a basement to the stage – a show for Elliott Smith” at the University of London Union. I don’t remember any of the bands that played, but I do remember playing someone else’s guitar in the bar and people sitting around to listen. Maybe that was my first show.

RVIVR – Rock City Studios.

I finally watched the footage from the Rock City Studios show with RVIVR. Footage of Albion Gold and of RVIVR. 

We film every Albion show. Watch, re-watch, how can we play faster, how can I push that note harder. Re-watch and re-watch. I am my harshest critic. This is not news.

Watching RVIVR is like watching a light glowing bright. I am struck with inability to focus on anything else. I am lifted and troubles drift. I want to write the greatest song when I hear them and never write another song again. I will never be able to describe life and death the way they do. 
I am gushing, but it is true. 
I miss that night already. I hold it dear to my heart.