East coast mini tour

The “mini tour” four day run of shows from Brisbane to Woolongong was ace. 

It always so great to play shows and get to catch up with tour friends old and new. 

I got to spend a whole weekend hanging out with Spencer Scott. Please check out Spencer’s music, it’s story telling folk music with catchy chorus that get stuck in your head forever 💖

During this run of shows I got to met RMC for the first time. They run Sad Grrrls Club and they’re proper lovely. SGC is a wonderful diy record label, show booking, non-male music promoting fierceness based in Australia. 

Happy Lagwagon Day!

Happy Lagwagon day folks!

May 16, ahh, so many exciting things are happening today!
The relaunch of the One Week Records website happens today and I can’t wait to see all the hard work Joey and Brian have put into making the website extra awesome.

Also Zach Quinn (of the band PEARS) releases his debut One Week Record today. I was lucky enough to get an advance listening to the album whilst on tour with Joey and I must say its a pretty wonderful and sad album that I look forward to hearing again.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 1.49.34 PM

I’m back from Europe

I’ve been back home for a few weeks now and I seem to be forever thinking about all the wonderful times we had on the European tour together.
Joey, Yotam, Walt and myself as well as our Tour Managers Ban and Flo had such an incredible experience playing shows across 8 different countries.
I feel lucky to have shared a stage with some many talented friends and again, like the last tour, I feel like I’ve learnt so much.

I have a half-arsed writen tour diary somewhere between my “Notes” on my phone and a notepad somewhere still tucked away in my backpack along with about 50 Instax photos to upload and share.

I’ll get there eventually and I can tell the world all about it.


Big waves keep rolling in

I’ve been at the beach this weekend standing on the sand watching the big waves continuously rolling in, carrying surfers towed in by Jet Skis. I stand next to many other people and we watch the great surf conditions take over Coolangatta Beaches.
I think about the creation of these great waves as I try to comprehend the damaged caused to Fiji as I hear snatches of conversations “Kirra, pumping like it used to..!”. I doubtfully wonder if the people of Fiji would feel so joyous of Kirra’s great return. I wonder if the surfers feel the rip of roofs, collapse of homes, the death of people when the surf Cyclone Winston’s offerings. The ghost of Winston’s destruction pushing through the white wash.
I still stand there and watch the spectacle, haunted.

Photo 26-02-2016, 5 43 25 PMPhoto 26-02-2016, 5 49 54 PMPhoto 26-02-2016, 5 53 40 PMPhoto 26-02-2016, 5 44 21 PM

Time For Losing Zine #1

You can now pick up a copy of my new zine Time For Losing #1. This issue is a One week Record tour diary special.

I spent the week long Australian tour documenting the days with an instant camera and a note book.

Buy a physical copy here: http://lauramardon.bigcartel.com/  for $4.50 inc domestic postage or $6.50 inc worldwide postage! Choose from Neon Pink, Ivy or Blue! ❤

or you can read it online here: http://issuu.com/lauramardon/docs/tfl_issue_one_tour_diary

Photo 1-02-2016, 9 48 04 AM