Elliott Smith tribute show

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Either/Or, I will be performing at the Elliott Smith Tribute show at The Brightside in Brisbane on March 3rd.
Click here for the Facebook event page and here for tickets click here.

I’m really excited about playing this show. I’ll be playing 3 Songs. One from Either/Or, one from XO and one was a Cat Stevens cover he played that sounds like it was just made for him.

I fell in love with Elliott Smith’s songs whilst I was at Art School in 2004. A friend Sara was trying to play Elliott Smith songs on guitar and it started from there.
She was also helping out organising “From a basement to the stage – a show for Elliott Smith” at the University of London Union. I don’t remember any of the bands that played, but I do remember playing someone else’s guitar in the bar and people sitting around to listen. Maybe that was my first show.


I’ve been doing better thank you, in fact I’m doing better than the last time I met you.
I’ve not said I feel sad aloud in a long, long time.
Still, I’ve cried on my own listening to your favourite songs, hoping that someone would walk through that door so I don’t have to cry by myself anymore. 

I’m hoping and wishing that someone else would be just like you except a lot nicer. 
In parts I could say that about myself but this is definitely about you this time. 

God Dammit

I’ve been trying to find you in the faces of strangers
Trying to untangle their features into your human make-up
I know our outward characteristics
shouldnt define an entire existence
its not even intrinsic to the parts of you I love the best,
But I’ve been searching everywhere
because dear god, I’ve missed it.


I’ve just returned home to the Gold Coast after a wonderful long weekend of shows with Hanny J.

I loved every show we played for various reasons; getting to meet and watch Lincoln LeFevre at The Yarra, meeting Sarah/Thomo who is just lovely, going back to and being part of an incredible line up at The Rev and playing a really long set of old and new songs to a crazy attentive audience at The Old Bar which felt so perfect.

Mostly, what I came away feeling from this weekend is that I have a really beautiful, honest and kind friend in Hanny. I’ve known Hanny almost as long as I’ve lived in Australia, having played shows together either as part of a various bands, respectively or as solo artists however this weekend we had the time to really talk through the hours and get to know each other. Making friends through writing and playing music is such a magical experience I’m thankful for.

Thank you Melbourne 💜

Melbourne shows this weekend

I’ve got 3 great shows this weekend in and around Melbourne. I’m really excited to get to play in VIC again, as December feels like so long ago!
I’ve played so many wonderful shows since then…Aww, Europe, I miss you!
The first Melbourne show will be tomorrow at The Yarra Hotel with Hanny J and Lincoln Le Fevre.
For more shows and information – click here

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