Happy Lagwagon Day!

Happy Lagwagon day folks!

May 16, ahh, so many exciting things are happening today!
The relaunch of the One Week Records website happens today and I can’t wait to see all the hard work Joey and Brian have put into making the website extra awesome.

Also Zach Quinn (of the band PEARS) releases his debut One Week Record today. I was lucky enough to get an advance listening to the album whilst on tour with Joey and I must say its a pretty wonderful and sad album that I look forward to hearing again.

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Write it out.

Its nice seeing other people writing in notepads in public. It makes me realise I should do it more often. It makes me realise how much I’m not writing when I should be.

Write it out, ride it out. 

A song I have not heard in years plays through a shopping centre PA. I turn my head to the sound and my vision becomes a blur of colour and I am choked with the past. 

So I finally sit down with my note pad.

I thought he’d never die but we talk in past tense because the ground has him now. 


Past Names (Dorian Gray)

You don’t get to call me by that name any more,
I am no muse, no painting to hang upon your frame any more,
I will age from a maid to a crone as I wish
Because in growing old there is great knowledge within it.

One day this skin will fall from my bones
to decay like leaves on the floor of a forest
There is truth in beauty and a beauty within the darkest of things.

I count my blessing but they are never counted on,
I am young, but I know that I am not young for long.
You can stretch the truth of age all that you want
but the wolves in those bars only thirst for young blood.

The dichotomy of it all means
I am all that I am because of all that I am not.

Finishing songs.

The fragility of your skin, the circuits of your body wear so thin.
You don’t look like the last time you smiled at me,
it was the last time you told me you were happy,
it was the last time you told me not to worry.
But now you’re breaking backs just to sit up,
as you hold my hand, it’s the first human touch you’ve had
since the Nurses rounds, where her cold hand woke you from your dreams of sailing homeward bound.
If I am lost, then I can’t be found.

Now my visions come measured unequally
a chorus of death more than love it seems
As I see old friends before me as a banquet of ghosts without breath or speech
A company of wolves, we were as thick as thieves
A company of wolves who now rarely speak.
But my heart still beats with them, every last one of them
and as our old conversations resonate against old ballroom walls
out into the cityscape singing
If I am lost, then I can’t be found.

I dream of being held like a figurine
where your fingers would intertwine right through me
as if I were your childhood memory
Forever sunshine, cotton socked naivety
carve me out of all those things,
carve me out of childhood dreams.
Because it all feels so far removed from everything that I am used to
Just clenching teeth and grinding through the hard days and empty nights
we wait for our hearts to play tuneful.
If I am lost, then I can’t be found.

Albion Gold Review – Chardon’s Corner Hotel

Here is a review from The Teeth Pit from Albion Gold’s first show of 2014. It’s always fun to play one of Lauren’s nights. 

“Next up were Albion Gold. I’d never seen/heard of this band before but fuck I was blown away from their first song onward.  They have a very scatterbrain-esque sound, think The Locust, if the Locust was a punk band.  Their front woman is a crazy ball of energy who’s venomous vocals perfectly guide the the song (and listener) through the intensity of the bands sound.  Definitely give these guys a listen!”


Albion gold – Railway Tavern Review

Here is a review of the last show of 2013 that Albion Gold played. It was a pretty rad show with Feeling Dave, Bitter Lungs, The Lost Cause, and Clowns.
Amy…Laura, we’re pretty much one in the same I guess.

“First up are Gold Coast ladies and gents Albion Gold who echo all things brutal and fun from a scene that is still quietly throbbing away in the underground of these parts. It’s short, fast, detuned, and spat with such venom from frontwoman Amy that’s it’s impossible to do anything but divert full attention to this highly engaging four-piece. Tracks Autoimmune and Bored And Braindead off Symmetrical Cemeteries get a good hurrah from the riff raff.”