299 days. Daily roll goal. 

I started my day with 6 solid rolls and I feel great. I feel happy because I set a “daily roll goal”; takedown before guard pull. 
I think its fun to roll with a specific goal in mind…it just seems to help me plot this giant open, blank space for potential jiu jitsu mapping in my head.
Sometimes Jiu Jitsu feels like having a blank piece of paper, one side says “A” and one side says “B” all you have to do is connect the two, thats all, simple…you see the direct line in your head…then all of a sudden the paper is infite and its form and structure are forever changing and that direct line, well, you cant even see “B” let alone connect it to “A”.
Maybe its like the biggest math problem and abstract painting all rolled (excise the pun) into one, I love it so much.

 So back from my rant;
…I pull guard a lot but I need to be more confident with my takedowns, so every roll I have for the rest of the day I’m going to try to start with a takedown. If I attempt a takedown then have to disengage I can pull guard but I have to try for the takedown first.

Let’s see how that goes this evening.