300 days 

If you include today’s date, there are exactly 300 days until August 22 which means there are exactly 300 days until the World Master IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship. 

Today I started my day with a simple Protein shake and headed out the door early and make my way to kickboxing to get an extra cardio work out in. Alas, no one else showed up for kickboxing but it’s okay, Jiu Jitsu starts in 20 minutes. 

I like to consider my Jiu Jitsu week as this; Monday and Wednesday I focus on movement and moving me to create the space and set ups I need within the roll. 
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is more technical, situation based drilling and heavy rolling. 
This training routine comes naturally from the varying styles and teachings of both my Professors. Professor Grant has a unique flow to his jiu jitsu movement and Professor Daniel has great competition stragegy and game – ideally, as i grow into my own jiu jitsu style…if it becomes a merge of the two with my own unique way of thinking I will be very happy with how I roll.
today feels more positive already.