I’ve just returned home to the Gold Coast after a wonderful long weekend of shows with Hanny J.

I loved every show we played for various reasons; getting to meet and watch Lincoln LeFevre at The Yarra, meeting Sarah/Thomo who is just lovely, going back to and being part of an incredible line up at The Rev and playing a really long set of old and new songs to a crazy attentive audience at The Old Bar which felt so perfect.

Mostly, what I came away feeling from this weekend is that I have a really beautiful, honest and kind friend in Hanny. I’ve known Hanny almost as long as I’ve lived in Australia, having played shows together either as part of a various bands, respectively or as solo artists however this weekend we had the time to really talk through the hours and get to know each other. Making friends through writing and playing music is such a magical experience I’m thankful for.

Thank you Melbourne 💜