Big waves keep rolling in

I’ve been at the beach this weekend standing on the sand watching the big waves continuously rolling in, carrying surfers towed in by Jet Skis. I stand next to many other people and we watch the great surf conditions take over Coolangatta Beaches.
I think about the creation of these great waves as I try to comprehend the damaged caused to Fiji as I hear snatches of conversations “Kirra, pumping like it used to..!”. I doubtfully wonder if the people of Fiji would feel so joyous of Kirra’s great return. I wonder if the surfers feel the rip of roofs, collapse of homes, the death of people when the surf Cyclone Winston’s offerings. The ghost of Winston’s destruction pushing through the white wash.
I still stand there and watch the spectacle, haunted.

Photo 26-02-2016, 5 43 25 PMPhoto 26-02-2016, 5 49 54 PMPhoto 26-02-2016, 5 53 40 PMPhoto 26-02-2016, 5 44 21 PM