Things don’t last forever

It rained the day that they took her away
As the sirens danced through the space in between the raindrops and cityscape
and the distance between us felt so far away.

She said I can’t love this town but I don’t hate it either
its just my apathy grows from the architecture
and the town where I grew up doesn’t want me either so I feel so alone.

Don’t be fooled, things don’t last forever
no matter who tells you otherwise, bad things will happen to you.

Even loved ones will die on Christmas day
and all their good memories will just fade away
her face you recall only vaguely without a photo to prompt anyway

Like the cracks in her lips where the red wine would sit
The jokes she would tell you would never quite get
She said she would explain when you were 16
but by the morning she’d forget.

Sometimes I only see her weakness’s
walking low lit streets alone in British Winters
Its been so long, I forget how truly dark it gets
without gin to keep your heart warm

But I have been blessed by enough sunlight
to bleach out the shame of so many past nights
I attempted to rid of myself and the black hole that I felt
She always said grey days were the hardest to live through.

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