Lobby Floor (Capo on 6th)

She pulls her hoodie on, it’s followed by the slamming of that door
Her converse sink into the carpet of the lobby floor.
She mouths ‘I don’t need him, not no more’
His black heart, these black eyes should have never been mine to sport.

As she puts her headphones in,
Musical ghosts of her past sing,
Guitars regale a broken past as the kick drum pounds like her sunken heart.
Singing ‘I am stronger than I was but I’m not sure if it’s enough,
Although the storm on me on over there is so much to clean up.
I though I’d been liberated once, but it was puppy love
Now it’s gone, it won’t return
And what I’m left with; it hurts.

When we first met, we made a pact and said best friends,
With grass stains on our knees you said that you’d protect me
But that must’ve been boyhood bravery because you’re a coward and a thief
You see I don’t smile no more,
You took that from me.

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